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Origin: Li Jiang, Yunnan

Grade: Premium A+

Specifications: Wild Sarcodon Imbricatus whole product

Dried: Sun Dried

Color: Black /Brown / Gray Spotted

Taste: Heavy tea flavor

Wild Sarcodon Imbricatus Premium A+ 野生黑虎掌菌(云南丽江)

  • 黑虎掌菌学名枣翘鳞肉齿菌,菌帽肉质肥厚、香气浓郁,新鲜时为灰白色或灰褐色,干后变成暗灰白或灰褐色,形如虎爪,故而得名。

    菌伞下表面长满一层纤细的灰白色刺状茸毛,菌柄粗壮多中空,长的有点偏。黑虎掌野外分布区很小,中国仅有西南部分地区出产,十分珍贵。 黑虎掌菌在中国历史上很早就被视为名贵山珍,为历朝历代宫廷喜爱的贡品之一。欧美地区对黑虎掌菌没有食用习惯,中国西南、日本以及东南亚一带是黑虎掌消费的主要地区。

    Sarcodon imbricatus, commonly known as the shingled hedgehog or scaly hedgehog, is a species of tooth fungus in the order Thelephorales. The mushroom is edible. 

    This mushroom has long been regarded as a precious mountain treasure in Chinese history, and it is one of the favorite tributes of the dynasties. There is no eating habit of this mushroom in Europe and America, and the main areas of consumption in Southwest China, Japan and Southeast Asia.

    The mushrooms, or fruiting bodies, can be quite large in size. the brownish or greyish cap measures up to 30 cm (12 in) in diameter and is covered with coarse darker brown scales. It is funnel-shaped. The underside bears soft, pale grey 'teeth' rather than gills. These are 0.5–1 cm long and brittle. The pale grey or brown stipe may reach 8 centimetres (3.1 in) high and 3 centimetres (1.2 in) wide, and may be narrower at the base and is sometimes eccentric